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Foundation water maintenance

Shrinkage cracking of dry clay soil

Due to the expansive clays soil conditions in most North Texas areas proper foundation water maintenance is critical to the future performance of your North Texas home. This article will help familiarize you the characteristics of expansive clay soils and methods of water maintenance to help stabilize your foundation during dry / drought conditions. Montmorillonite clay soils shrinks when dry and expands when wet, like a sponge. From dry to fully saturated condition, clay soil particles can swell or expand 20-30 % their original size creating hydraulic force that can move any foundation structure with ease. In fact, most North Texas slab on grade foundations are under constant movement caused by an abundance of moisture during winter months and dry/drought conditions during the summer. Your modern slab on grade foundation is designed and engineered to move/flex and help accommodate ever changing clay soil conditions.——- To be continued ——-